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Oh baby, let me fix my weave! Missy Elliott is in the studio with none other than Beyonce!

Elliott confirmed the collaboration on Twitter (via That Grape Juice). The dynamic duo shared a studio session in New York City on Friday (Oct. 12). It’s unclear whether the track will appear on Elliott or on Beyonce’s upcoming projects — or perhaps on both (we can only hope, right?). When a fan asked if Elliott played any tracks for Bey, the ‘Work It’ rapper replied, “@ItsMrKingz lol! Possibly;) but it was great seeing her catching up because its been a while! Very inspired.”

It won’t be the first time the ladies have teamed up. Queen Bey appeared on Missdemeanor’s 2002 track ‘Nothing Out There for Me,’ and they also collaborated on ‘Fighting Temptations,’ Beyonce’s ‘Signs’ and even a throwback Destiny’s Child track, ‘Confessions.’

Elliott debuted two new tracks last month, ’9th Inning’ and ‘Triple Threat,’ and performed them live with her go-to collaborator, Timbaland. Beyonce’s kept her upcoming fifth solo album relatively under wraps, but it’s rumored that a Sia collaboration will appear on the record. Bey’s also said to be working with OneRepublic frontman Ryan Tedder (who penned ‘Halo’ for ‘I Am … Sasha Fierce’), Kanye West and the Cataracs.

Are you excited for a new Missy-Bey collaboration? We are!

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